After Southwestern

A major in Biology from a liberal arts college such as Southwestern prepares students to develop and pursue their own interests in any number of fields. As a whole, Southwestern offers a number of options for career advising.  


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What can you do with a biology degree?

Anything you want.

Each the above emojis might represent a career direction or two!

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as you think about careers, note that We often organize them into different sectors:

🎓🎓What Do SU Biology Graduates Really Do?🎓🎓

[04.27.22…Content under development - stay tuned for profiles of alumni with different career paths….]

The Biology Department seeks contact with any alumni willing to provide their contact information on this main webpage accessible by the public without a login. If willing, please contact Dr. Romi Burks.

 For current students and alumni, check out more connections using Pirate Connect or the SU Alumni Directory.


Where will a SU education take me?


No matter what shoes you wear, a biology degree from SU can lead you in any number of directions.


How do I start?

STEP 1: To get somewhere “After Southwestern,” Think “Before graduation I will…”



Post-graduate competitiveness starts with taking advantage of the opportunities and High Impact Experiences that a small liberal arts college like Southwestern provides. To get started, check out Engagement Opportunities for Biologists and these other SU websites:

STEP 2: To get somewhere “After Southwestern,” Commit to networking!”


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Biology Faculty

Pre-Health Advising

Center for Career and Professional Development

Pirate Connect

SU Alumni Directory

Linked In

Job Databases



STEP 3: To get somewhere “After Southwestern,”  Narrow Down a Career Path”


Desire for Advanced Education: Should I go?




BA or BS?  Does it matter?

The Department recommends the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree for students seeking entrance into professional schools, graduate schools or technician positions in industry. The Bachelor of Arts degree allows flexibility, particularly for students wishing to obtain a minor outside of the Division of Natural Sciences.


  • Graduate School (MS/PhD)
  • Professional Schools (Health-associated)
  • [04.27.22…Content under development - stay tuned for links about how to go about applying….]