Special Opportunities

The Department offers many opportunities to orient students to the national and international scene in the arts and architecture as part of their overall education.  Our teaching gallery provides students the opportunity to view works of art on campus. The University presents some of the most talented, dedicated and passionate artists and scholars in their fields in the Art and Art History Department’s annual program of gallery exhibitions and lectures, studio critiques, master classes and workshops.

Students have the chance to develop an understanding of the diversity of art and its global perspectives through other cultures via a number of the University’s off-campus programs. Majors and minors in Studio Art, Art History, and Architecture and Design Studies are also encouraged to take part in at least one of the University’s off-campus programs such as the fall semester in London, an internship in New York, or many other opportunities both domestic and abroad in the junior or senior year.

Through association with the New York Arts Program, Southwestern has regularly been able to place qualified students in internships in the studios and offices of some of the most prominent artists, architects, museums and galleries in New York. Students interested in the New York program may speak with a representative from the program, who visit our campus each year, by contacting Career Services.