Studio Art Department Admission & Scholarship Portfolio Reviews

Studio Art

Prospective students apply for a Sarofim Scholarship in Studio Art through scheduled portfolio reviews, which offer the opportunity to learn more about the programs offered in the Studio Art Department and introduce you to the faculty.  Portfolio Review dates will be announced by August 1, 2019.

Candidates who receive the Sarofim Scholarship are eligible for additional assistance, including Southwestern merit scholarships.

Sarofim Scholarships in Studio Art are for Studio Art majors only. 

Studio Art and Sarofim Scholarship Application

Prospective students who wish to apply for a Sarofim Scholarship and major in Studio Art may do so in one of two ways:


Schedule a personal portfolio review of your original artworks (not digital photographs of artworks) and an interview with the studio art faculty on a Portfolio Review Day.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the program from the studio faculty, take a tour of the art facilities with art students, and participate in other events on campus.  Even with a personal portfolio review of original works, we require a completed digital portfolio.  Portfolio Review Days will follow the below schedule:


12:30 pm  Students Arrive and Load-In portfolios

1:00 pm    Students and their families meet the Studio Art faculty and discuss the Studio Art Department

1:30 pm    Scheduled Portfolio Reviews, Tour of facilities & campus, meet with current students, meet with fine arts admissions counselors

5:00 pm    End of day.  You may stay the evening on campus and join the Pirate Preview Admissions event on Monday. If you wish to attend Pirate Preview and spend the night on campus, please register for both.


 Overnight Visit

In-Person Portfolio Review Requirements

After signing up for your Portfolio Review, you will need to fill out this application.

We prefer this method because we enjoy meeting students in person!


If you cannot come to campus, you may send in a digital portfolio; all digital portfolio reviews require a phone interview.

Digital Portfolio Review Requirements

After signing up for your Portfolio Review, you will need to fill out this application.

Recipients of Sarofim Scholarship in Studio Art may also be eligible for additional assistance such as academic scholarships. In addition, recipients may apply for University need-based aid. For more information, click here: financial aidmerit scholarships or call 1-800-252-3166.

Any financial aid offer from Southwestern University will be void as of May 1, 2020 if a student accepts financial aid from another college or university.



For any questions regarding portfolio reviews please call Julie Hudson, Administrative Assistant to the Sarofim School of Fine Arts at 512-863-1548.