Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

October 2022

  • Assistant Professor of Art History Ana Esteve Llorens’ work was included in an exhibition at the international art fair Estampa 2022, held October 13–16 in Madrid, Spain. Organized by Set Espaid’ Art Gallery, the exhibition was a reflection on contemporary geometry and abstraction and it featured the work of five women artists. The gallery was awarded with the prize for the best stand. A large piece of Esteve Llorens was included. This work was produced over the summer partially thanks to the Faculty Competitive Award Esteve Llorens received for this academic year.

September 2022

  • The work of Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Ana Esteve Llorens was included in an exhibition at the international art fair BAD+ 2022, held July 7–10 in Bordeaux, France. Organized by Set Espai d’Art Gallery, the exhibition featured the work of three artists. Two of Esteven Lloren’s sculptures and one installation were included.

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Ana Esteve Llorens presented a new sculptural installation at Women & Their Work in Austin, Texas, from June 4 to August 4. The piece, titled “Measuring Device,” is a structure fabricated mainly of steel combined with other materials, including cotton, rope, and wood. Designed by introducing and relating measurements taken from inhabited spaces, body proportions, and scaled dimensions of Esteve Llorens’s studio, the abstract sculpture defines an objective reference to connect body and space.

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Ana Esteve Llorens presented an exhibition of new work at Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas, Texas, from May 21 to August 6. The exhibition, titled Possibility of Line featured woven textiles created over the past two years. In 2015, Esteve Llorens began working with yarns and weaving techniques encountered while living and traveling throughout Mexico and combining them with those of her native Spain. Since then, she has continued to research and enact the sculptural possibilities of fibers.