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  • 69-000 BA.Art Capstone
    Portfolio Review: graduating seniors in the B.A. program must present a digital portfolio of their work, a resume and an artist's statement to the studio faculty, to be approved by the sponsoring faculty member in the appropriate focus area and submitted to the Department Chair for the department's permanent records. If B.A. students wish to produce a senior art exhibition, they must be sponsored by the focus area faculty member and enroll in ART70-812 Exhibition Practicum during the semester of the exhibition.
  • 69-244 Ceramics: Raku
    Various pottery forming techniques will be considered in the study of contemporary ceramic art, including basic hand-forming and wheel-forming, firing the kiln, and simple glaze formulation. The aesthetic theory that informs this approach to making pottery will be discussed, and the history of raku will be covered. No previous experience required. Lab required. (Summer) (FAP) (IP)
  • 69-324 Painting: Abstract
    A beginning studio course emphasizing the production of paintings that relate to the history and theory of art in various abstract styles. This course takes a contemporary approach to: materials; historical stylistic techniques; color theory: and abstract painting practices and theories as they pertain to contemporary abstract art. This course is intended for first- and second-year students; no previous experience required. Lab required. (FAP)