Art History

Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

June 2021

  • Professor of Art History Thomas Howe  and his collaborator Professor Ingrid Rowland (Notre Dame) have just published a monograph translation into Chinese of their Vitruvius: Ten Books on Architecture  (originally published by Cambridge  University Press, 1999), 维特鲁维亚 波利奥, 关于建筑的十本书 (Beijing University Press; first edition, November 1, 2017/released 2021).

January 2021

  • Associate Professor of Art History Allison Miller gave a lecture titled “Purple in Early China” to an art history class at Georgetown University on January 17, 2021.

  • Professor of Art and Art History Thomas Noble Howe  was one of the few authors to contribute two chapters—“Hellenistic” and “Christian Roman Empire”—to the book Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture  (21st edition, Bloomsbury, 2020), which has just been awarded the prestigious Colvin Prize for 2020 by the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain.

  • Professor of Art and Art History Thomas Noble Howe contributed four drawings and a short chapter in the recently published book The Artemis Temple at Sardis, by Fikret Yegül (Harvard University Press, 2020). Yegül arrived independently at the same conclusion about the chronology proposed circa 1985 by Howe.

  • Associate Professor of Art History Allison Miller was invited to put her book Kingly Splendor: Court Art and Materiality in Han China  to the Page 99 Test. The Page 99 Testis a blog edited by American screenwriter Marshal Zeringue that asks authors to test their books and analyze the content based on the following idea expressed by Ford Madox Ford: “Open the book to page 99 and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.” You can read Miller’s January 2nd entry here.

December 2020

  • Professor of Art History Kimberly Smith gave a talk in December 2020 titled “Modeling and Modernism: Charlotte Berend-Corinth’s Work” at the virtually held annual Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts.

  • Associate Professor of Art History Allison Miller ’s book Kingly Splendor: Court Art and Materiality in Han China  was published by Columbia University Press.