Class Years


Alumni from the 2000s may access class-specific information on this page, including upcoming events, class contacts and letters, “In Memoriam” lists and class giving and volunteer statistics.

Class Engagement
Year Giving
FY 19-20
FY 19-20
Class Committee Members
2000 16.07% 23

Ana Mena
Katie Popp
Arianna Chavez Lay

2001 13.95% 22

Kristen Rees Hood
Sylvia Mayer

2002 13.31% 35

Sarah Bodenman Harold
Angela Cobos 
Allison Dickson
Ebony Rose
Drew York

2003 9.57% 31

Michael Nguyen
Suzy Prucka

2004 18.50% 37

Katie Knight Jundt
Brad Knapp
Megan Bush Knapp

2005 16.46% 34

Will Seilheimer
Megan Browning-Altman

Lindsey Cunningham

2006 12.97% 39

Anna Matis Briggs
Morgan Stewart
Paul Santa Cruz

2007 9.86% 35 Becca Horton Epperley
2008 10.66% 41

Anne Olson
Doak Worley
Elizabeth Knox

2009 16.47% 38

Erin Dammann Willis
Kelly Parmet

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In Memoriam

Click here to view a list of deceased alumni of the 2000s.