Class Years


Alumni from the 1990s may access class-specific information on this page, including upcoming events, class contacts and letters, “In Memoriam” lists and class giving and volunteer statistics.

Class Engagement
Year Giving
FY 16-17
FY 16-17
Class Committee Members
1990 21.96% 12 Open
1991 27.07% 24

Craig McKinney
Michael Peck

1992 24.24% 18

Kenda Jameson Evans
Stephanie Molnar

1993 27.52% 22

Laura Lee Utz McCartney
Jennifer Lott Sudkamp
Darien Kubik Wilson

1994 21.83% 18

Beth Oltremari Lovaas
Stephanie Saldana Sanchez
John Pinion

1995 29.41% 18

George Cruz, Jr.
Brian Jackson
Amy Tharp Nylund
Laura Sewell

1996 21.67% 15 Open
1997 24.46% 24

Alicia Kerr
David Leggett

1998 19.49% 17

Jonathan Goodman
Ourania Tavoularis

1999 17.55% 18

Katy Andre
Kevin Moore

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In Memoriam

Click here to view a list of deceased alumni of the 1990s.