About the Alumni Association

Recruitment Volunteers

Southwestern University Recruitment Volunteers (SURV) are alumni, parents, and friends who assist Southwestern University’s Office of Admission in recruitment efforts.

Our alumni, parents and friends are amazing representatives of the Southwestern Experience. Whether referring a wonderfully qualified student, speaking at one of our events, answering questions at a college fair, or writing to the families of admitted students, your voice authenticates the messages delivered by the admission office. We are thankful for the time you give to SURV and getting to know the amazing students we recruit each year as it is one of many components that contributes to our success. Thank you and #BeSouthwestern. 



SURV Mission Statement: Through fostering a collaboration of the Office of Admission, Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, and the alumni and parent communities, Southwestern University Recruitment Volunteers (SURV) aims to educate prospective students and families about the value of the Southwestern Experience, to serve as a resource, and to share experiences and outcomes.

The types of volunteer opportunities available through SURV are varied:

  • College Fairs
  • Road Shows
  • Operation Pen & Paper (OPP)
  • Legacy Link
  • Referring prospective students
  • Guest speaker for on and off campus recruiting events

Regardless of the type of involvement you choose through SURV, we expect our volunteers to: stay informed about Southwestern, share their Southwestern Experience with others, and represent Southwestern in a positive manner.

College Fairs: College Fairs (which occur year-round but primarily during the autumn and some during the spring) are central to how the Office of Admission reaches prospective students, parents, and communities and provides information to these groups about SU, regarding academic programs, scholarships and financial aid, why SU might be a good fit, and spreading general knowledge about SU. These programs are typically a 2.5 hour time commitment and happen all over the country!

Volunteer for a College Fair! Click here to check this year’s opportunities.

Road Shows: These programs occur during autumn in a number of major metropolitan areas throughout the state of Texas. This is an opportunity for us to take SU “on the road” as it were. Members of the faculty participate to give prospective students and their families a sense of what it is like to be a student at SU. Attendees engage in fun activities stressing unique factors (i.e., Paideia) about us. It is an opportunity for students and their families to talk to professors, Office of Admission staff, and volunteers to answer any questions they may have.

Operation Pen & Paper (OPP): This is a letter writing campaign that occurs during February/March. During this campaign, we target the families of admitted students. Students hear from Admissions staff, professors, and so on throughout the application cycle, but families also play a critical role in their student’s college search and decision process. This is a special opportunity for volunteers to speak to the value of their time at SU and how attending an institution like SU has helped them achieve their goals.  These personal stories help families understand the value of their of their student attending SU.

Referrals: When volunteers refer potentially interested/good fit students to SU, this helps immensely with the admission process, as we may have a clearer sense of whether or not we are a “good fit” institution for this student. Then we can focus on paring them with the right professors and on-campus opportunities so that they have a clear sense of what it would be like to be a member of the Southwestern community. You provide us with great insight as to the merit (academic or otherwise) of a particular student and this can help shape the way we approach a particular student. To refer a student, click here.

Guest Speaker: There are a number of events that occur throughout the year (primarily spring & autumn) for which having supportive speakers is incredibly helpful. For these events, we invite specific alums to speak in order to provide prospective/admitted students and their families with insight about the Southwestern Experience and the value you see in the type of education we offer at SU.

Depending on your availability, the volunteer roles listed above can range in time and level of commitment. The staff in the Office of Admission can assist you with identifying what opportunities are of interest to you. Click here to volunteer!

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