Legacy Link

Our community recognizes that alumni share their Southwestern Experience with their families. For that, through Southwestern’s Legacy Link Program, the University will mail birthday presents for legacies at several milestone years.

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Legacy Link Enrollment Program

The University will celebrate the birthdays of legacies at birth and when they turn ages 5, 10 and 16. This year’s presents include:

  • Birth: A Southwestern Pirates t-shirt (size 12 months).
  • Age 5: A Southwestern Pirates lunch bag.
  • Age 10: A Southwestern drawstring bag.
  • Age 16: A Southwestern lanyard.

Gifts for newborns will be mailed upon enrollment in the Legacy Link Program. Gifts for children turning ages 5, 10 and 16 will receive their presents in the month of August, prior to their birthday. Families can decide to hold onto the present until the child’s birthday or to surprise them in August!

In June, the University will contact alumni who have enrolled children celebrating a upcoming milestone birthday (between the upcoming September 1-August 30), to confirm the mailing address and their desire for the legacy to receive that milestone gift.

Have a new legacy in the family? Announce the birth of your child through a Class Note.

If there are children in your family with whom you want to receive Southwestern Admission materials, please complete this Admission Request Form.

Please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations with any questions that you may have about our enhanced Legacy Link Program.