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At Southwestern, we are a tight-knit community, dedicated to helping our current and future students navigate this immediate global challenge. To learn about visit opportunities, and changes we’ve made to ensure everyone’s health and safety during campus visits, see Visit Southwestern. If you can’t make it in person right now, below you’ll find a number of ways to explore our campus and the Southwestern Experience.

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Why Southwestern

Virtual Information Sessions

If you can't come to campus, let us bring the campus to you! While Southwestern has resumed on-campus visits (with new COVID-related health & safety protocols) we are also offering a variety of virtual visit opportunities throughout the week, from general information sessions to interactive presentations highlighting specific areas of academic and campus life. These events are a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Southwestern Experience from anywhere!

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Inside Southwestern 

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour: Academic Life
Virtual Tour: Student Life
Virtual Tour: Corbin J. Robertson Center
Virtual Tour: Residence Life
Virtual Tour: Southwestern University
Campus Walking Tour

Life at Southwestern

Friday Night at Southwestern University
Discover Georgetown: “SU Style”
Late Night Breakfast
SOAR Summit
Southwestern Memories

Academics at Southwestern

The Power of Paideia
The Undergraduate Research Experience at SU
Internships at Southwestern
Quiet on Set
SU Showcases Undergraduate Research and Creativity

Meet the Family

Ms. Ella, Food Services
Daniel Orozoco, Career & Professional Development
Your Library Team
Oliver Agger-Shelton, Student Life

Instagram Student Takeovers

T. J. Vela ’19
Nila Dhinaker ’23
Alexis Dimanche ’20
Nalyah Johnson ’20
Massimo Gasponi ’21
Alexis Lumas ’22 & Lauren Turner ’21

Why Southwestern

  • 6 Reasons You Should Choose SU

    Deciding where you should attend college? There are a lot of reasons to choose Southwestern University, but here are 6 characteristics most students point to as reasons SU should be your top choice.

  • From Southwestern to Hollywood

    A panda who becomes a kung fu master. A snail who wins the Indianapolis 500. These underdog stories have been big hits for Hollywood. They have also helped establish Susan Slagle Rogers ’83 as one of the animation industry’s most talented producers.

  • 12 Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education

    A liberal arts education prepares students to examine ideas from multiple points of view, solve problems, adapt, and collaborate.

  • Interns in Turn

    Southwestern students convert internships into postgraduate jobs.

  • Researching the Future of Cancer Treatment

    Professor of Biology Maria Todd mentors undergraduates while examining the mechanics of how cancer spreads.

  • The Future of Work

    How a liberal-arts education will endure the future of job automation.

  • Will it Waffle?

    Alumnus Jackson Bird ’12 has created some highly entertaining YouTube videos. But his videos aren’t what made MTV name him one of “12 Social Media Warriors Who Helped Restore Our Faith in 2016.” Bird is harnessing the power of online video to raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ rights and other important social issues.

  • Want to learn more?

    Visit our newsroom to read more about student internships, faculty-student research, and alumni success stories.