Non-Degree & Readmit Students


Scott Sandoval

Director of Transfer Recruitment

Scott Sandoval

Director of Transfer Recruitment


I was previously enrolled at Southwestern and wish to return to continue my studies.

If you are applying for readmission to Southwestern, please complete the Southwestern University Application and select a round of “Readmission.” If you attended another institution while away from Southwestern, you will be required to submit official transcripts for the admission review. Depending on the circumstances of your departure, you may also be asked to interview with a member of the admission staff.

It is suggested that you make contact with the following offices:
• The Business Office: to make sure your account has no financial holds.
• The Financial Aid Office: for information on reinstating your scholarships and financial aid.
• The Registrar’s Office: to discuss your degree plan and/or degree requirements.


General information for visiting and auditing students.

There are no posted deadlines for visiting and auditing student application submissions. It is, however, recommended that students apply at least one month prior to that start of the semester they wish to attend.

Students can apply for fall, spring, or summer courses. Summer offerings are extremely limited. Be sure to check the course listing to determine if the class you desire will be offered.

Visiting and auditing student applications will be reviewed on a space-available basis after all current students, new first-year students, and transfer students register for classes. This will ensure that our degree-seeking students get the classes they need.

Courses designed to develop skills that are “hands-on” in nature may not be taken on an audit basis. This includes applied music courses, ensembles, studio art courses, and Fitness and Recreational Activity (FRA) courses.

While the Admission Office releases admission decisions to visiting student applicants, only the faculty member teaching the class will determine if a student is granted permission to take the class.

Students under the age of 18 (minors) must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver allowing for unrestricted use of the internet. Southwestern offers no limitations of any kind on internet content or access. 

All students who enroll at Southwestern are bound by the policies and procedures of the Student Handbook.

The cost for taking a class for a grade is $2,220 per credit. The cost for auditing a class is $150 per credit. Individuals over 50 years old can audit a class at a reduced fee, $75 per credit. Other fees, such as a Student Services & IT fee ($150) and Science Lab fee ($75) may apply.

It should be noted that most courses taught at Southwestern are 4 credits. Classes are generally taught between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. No night, weekend, or online courses offered.

I need to take a course to transfer back to my current institution or to fulfill prerequisites for graduate school.

First, verify that the course is going to be offered in an appropriate time frame by viewing the course listings.

Second, review the Southwestern University catalog and have an administrator at your current institution verify that the course is appropriate and transferable for your needs.

Third, fill out the  Southwestern University Application (select the round: “Non-Degree Visiting”), and send the appropriate documents to the University—typically a college transcript from the college last attended.

I want to audit a class for no grade.

First, review our course listings to find a course that may be of interest to you.

Next, complete the  Southwestern University Application (selecting a round of “Non-Degree Visiting”) and submit it to the Admission Office. You may be required to submit high school or college transcripts to determine if the students has the appropriate preparation.

Auditing students are expected to fully participate in class, take quizzes and exams, and turn in writing assignments.

I have a bachelor’s degree and I want to obtain teacher certification.

Southwestern does not offer post-baccalaureate, alternative, or emergency teacher certification opportunities. Students must be currently enrolled and degree-seeking to be eligible for admission to the Teacher Certification Program. Students with a bachelor’s degree should apply as transfer student (see below) and pursue a second degree in education or related area of study.

I have a bachelor’s degree and want to explore a second bachelor’s degree.

Students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree are considered degree seeking and, therefore, classified as transfer students. Please visit our Transfer Student page for general information, deadlines, and requirements.

At Southwestern, a student is allowed to pursue a different degree from the one previously earned. For example, after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, a student may now earn a Bachelor of Science degree. Students must complete at least an additional 64 credit-hours in residence for the second degree. Southwestern’s liberal arts requirements, as well as the coursework in the new major/minor, will also need to be completed. Southwestern offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science in Education, and Bachelor of Music degrees.