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Welcome aboard! Now that you’ve submitted your enrollment deposit, here’s some information that may come in handy, along with a few to-do items to cross off your list as you move forward.


Scott Sandoval

Director of Transfer Recruitment

Scott Sandoval

Director of Transfer Recruitment


** Content on this site was updated on August 14, 2019 **


Transfer Checklist for Success

Explore our list of events and deadlines . We hope this helps you as you start your journey to Georgetown and Southwestern. We’ve identified a few highlights below to get you started!


Getting Your SUeID

Now that you have submitted your enrollment deposit, you will receive an SUeID, your official Southwestern University Electronic ID, which allows you to enter the Southwestern student portal, . Please keep in mind that this is different than your admission status portal.

  • The Information Technology Office will generate SUeID’s about once per week beginning in February. 
  • SUeIDs will be delivered to you through your admission status portal ; the same place where you received your admission, scholarship, and/or financial aid letters.
  • You will use your SUeID to access the mySouthwestern student portal .
  • And, you will use your SUeID when it’s time to register for classes (see below), sign up for housing, check your Southwestern email (through the Google Gmail interface), and access Moodle (Southwestern’s classroom management system) when classes start.

Course Registration Information

Advising and Course Registration
Course advising and registration for transfer students starts with filling out this short form . Any student who needs to be advised and registered, will do so during Transfer Student Welcome Week. If you have any questions about advising or registration, you may contact Mandie Corcoran by email or at 512.863.1401.

*This is only an option for deposited students. You cannot register until you have received your SUeID. This information can be found in your admission status portal.

Advanced-Entry Seminar (AES)
The Advanced-Entry Seminar is a required course that helps you begin to practice an education that arcs across your experiences and the curriculum; connecting the questions and perspectives you encounter, as well as the skills you develop, to each other and to the world. It is also your first exposure to Paideia—Southwestern’s distinctive interdisciplinary approach to integrating curricular and co-curricular experiences. 

This course is for all incoming transfer students. Registration in this course will be done automatically.

Seminar Titles for Fall 2019:
Altruism, Adventure and Activism: Teachers as Heroes
How We Get Our News
The Transportive Experience of Wearing a Mask

If you have questions about the AES course, email Barbara Jean or call 512.863.1567. 

Foreign Language Placement Exam
This is the first step you must take before registering for classes. Taking this exam does not mean that you will have to select a foreign language class for your first semester, however, it is a required step to take before you register. Your course registration cannot be completed until you have done so.

All students who plan to continue a language previously studied, who are not transferring credit from another institution, must go to the Modern Languages Web Page to take your Language Placement Exam at least one week prior to registration.

All students must take 3 semesters of a foreign language as part of Southwestern’s General Education requirements. This exam will help us place you in the appropriate class.

The password for the exams can be found within the instructions on this webpage, so please read carefully.You will need to enter your full first and last names to take the exam. You will not need a student ID number and should leave that field blank.

Note: Students taking the Latin exam must read the instruction specific to that exam.

Transfer Housing Information

All Transfer Students living on or off campus, must fill out the Incoming Transfer Housing Request form.

Deposited students will receive information in the admission status portal  (the one you’ve been using throughout the application process) about your SUeID login credentials. Once you have this information:

1. Go to the MySouthwestern student portal

2. Sign in using your SUeID

3. Click on the WebAdvisor link, lower left-hand corner

4. Fill out the Incoming Transfer Housing Request form

On-Campus Housing

Please note, we have reached our housing capacity for the fall 2019 semester. Students are exempt from the housing policy and will need to find off-campus housing.

Required Health Record

The Health Center requires copies of your immunization records and a TB screening test by June 1. Please review this information sheet, which provides instructions on how to submit these records to Southwestern. A copy of this information sheet can also be found in the Deposit Packet jump drive that was mailed to your home address.

Call the Health Center directly at 512.863.1252  with any questions you may have.


Student Health Insurance & Waiver

Required Coverage

  • All full-time students are required to have and maintain health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment. All student accounts will automatically be charged for the University’s student health insurance plan annual premium. 
  • Students who need health insurance coverage may purchase Southwestern’s insurance plan for coverage. 

Waive the Charge

  • A student who is covered through their family’s health insurance plan can waive this charge by providing evidence of a primary insurance plan. You will get an email with all pertinent information and instructions to waive this charge. You may also contact the Business Office at  or 512.863.1928. 

More Information


Dewar Tuition Refund Plan & Waiver

Billed Coverage

  • All 2018-2019 students are automatically billed for, and enrolled in, the Dewar Tuition Refund Plan . The Dewar tuition refund plan is an optional supplemental insurance that is offered to protect your educational investment by providing a refund of tuition and fees in addition to the University refund policy in instances where a student withdraws for medical reasons. The plan covers up to 100% for injury and sickness withdrawals and up to 60% for mental health withdrawals with required doctor’s certification that the injury/sickness prevents the student from completing the rest of the semester. The rate for the Spring 2019 is $183.50.

Waive the Charge

  • You will get an email with all pertinent information and instructions to waive this charge. You may also contact the Business Office at  or 512.863.1928.



Billed Charge

  • All Southwestern students are automatically billed $100 per semester for vehicle parking registration.

Waive the Charge

  •  If the student does not have a vehicle on campus, the charge may be waived. You will get an email with all pertinent information and instructions to waive this charge. You may also contact the Business Office at  or 512.863.1928.



Move in: Friday, August 16, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Required Orientation: Monday, August 19, 9:00 a.m. First day of class: Monday, August 26.

Get all the details in the 2019 Fall Transfer Welcome Week Schedule


Visits are available Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Click here to schedule your visit  to campus online or call the Office of Admission at 800-252-3166. 



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