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We are very excited to welcome you aboard at Southwestern! Now that you’re officially a Pirate, here is some information that may come in handy, with a few to-do items to consider as you move forward. Check back often; new information will be added when it becomes available.


The Office of Admission




Wilhelmina Cullen Admission Center

The Office of Admission


COMING SOON: Updated information for 2020 Fall

We anticipate the 2020 updates to this page will be finalized in late January/early February 2020. Please call the Office of Admission at 1-800-252-3166 if you have any questions in the meantime.

The content below is for first-year students. 
Transfer students, please go to the Deposited Transfer: Next Steps web page


Explore our list of enrollment-related events and deadlines. We hope this helps you as you start your journey to Georgetown and Southwestern. We’ve identified a few highlights below to get you started!


UPDATE 06 11 19: All of our on-campus Sprog events have occurred. If you did not attend an on-campus Sprog program or participate in our e-Sprog program, please complete this form to request an alternate registration appointment. 


  • First-Year Seminar Registration 

After grappling with huge, what-am-I-doing-with-the-rest-of-my-life questions, thinking about your FYS (First-Year Seminar) will actually be fun! The FYS is a required, four-credit course taken during your first semester. Your FYS will be your first exposure to Southwestern’s Paideia philosophy of making connections. With each seminar averaging up to 18 students, your FYS faculty member will guide you as you begin to practice an education that arcs over the whole course of your college experience and across the Southwestern curriculum, connecting the questions and perspectives you encounter and the skills you develop to each other and to the world. Click the link below to view course descriptions of this fall’s FYS offerings. You will preference your top FYS choices during your Sprog Pre-Orientation Day registration process.



  • First-Year Student Residential Options

    Living in a residence hall is an integral part of the liberal arts experience. The residential university provides residence halls on campus, not just as a place to live and sleep, but as a means of supporting and supplementing the intellectual experience found in the classroom. Residence hall life involves day-to-day interaction with people of varying backgrounds and values, the opportunity to continue the discussions and debates of the day’s classes, a firsthand experience in community development, and the opportunity for developing strong and lasting friendships. Life in the residence halls offers a variety of educational, recreational, and cultural experiences to the residents.

Residence Halls

Mabee Hall and Brown-Cody Hall are both coed residence halls. The gender-specific first-year halls are Kurth Hall for women and Ruter Hall for men. You will live in the same residence hall for your entire first year. You can learn more about all of Southwestern’s residence halls by visiting the Residence Life webpage .

Roommate Requests

Roommate requests will be considered, but are not guaranteed. You should both indicate your roommate request on your respective housing forms. Additionally, both students must register for the same seminar for roommate consideration.


  • Health Record 

    The Health Center requires copies of your immunization records and a TB screening test by June 1. Please review this information sheet, which provides instructions on how to submit these records to Southwestern. A copy of this information sheet can also be found in the Deposit Packet jump drive that was mailed to your home address.


  • Final High School Transcript Request 

    A final high school transcript is required to officially complete the enrollment process. Share the Final Transcript Request form with your high school counselor or registrar for earliest submission. (Not required for transfer students)


  • New Student Orientation Information 

    New Student Orientation website is coming! Prepare to attend our required student orientation from August 16th through the 23rd. See you there!

    Please keep in mind that Sprog is a “Pre-Orientation” activity. Students are required to attend New Student Orientation the week of August 16 - 23, and parents are highly encouraged to participate in Parent Orientation  on August 16 & 17.