Home-School Students

Southwestern University welcomes applications from homeschooled students who wish to pursue a liberal arts education. Many of these students may be attracted to the small class sizes and the personal attention in the classroom, as well as the active approach to learning outside of the classroom.

Students who are homeschooled are evaluated by the same criteria for admission as those students graduating from an accredited institution.

Evaluating Candidates

Southwestern seeks those students who have completed a rigorous high school education. All students must provide us with a high school transcript. However, we ask that in addition, homeschooled students provide us with a list of texts used in their high school courses and a statement concerning the philosophy of their particular approach to education. These two pieces of documentation will help us more accurately evaluate the student’s curriculum and exposure. We request that all documentation for any AP tests (administered independently of school districts), community college coursework, or college level courses be turned in at the time of applying.

As with all students, homeschool applicants may apply as test-optional candidates. Homeschool applicants who apply under our test-optional path will be required to have a personal interview (can be done virtually) with a member of the admission staff.

A letter of recommendation is required from either your academic counselor or a teacher in a core academic subject, (e.g., English/language arts, mathematics, science, social science, or language other than English). Typically, this recommendation will come from the parent who is the primary teacher. We also suggest that you include a personal recommendation from a tutor, a teacher, an extracurricular activity sponsor, or an adult other than a parent who can effectively speak to your performance.

In order to more completely evaluate the student, an admission essay, extracurricular activities and a strongly suggested admission interview will be reviewed to provide insight for overall preparedness, leadership skills and outside experiences.

If you have any questions regarding requirements for homeschooled students, please contact the Office of Admission.