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Application Checklist

Applicants are responsible for ensuring the arrival of all materials necessary to complete their application, including transcripts and recommendations from high school counselors.  Applicants are also responsible for checking their Personal Application Portal to determine whether their files are complete prior to the deadline.


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Admission Office Mailing Address & Fax Information:

  • Mailing Address

Materials sent to Southwestern through the mail should be addressed as follows:

Southwestern University

Office of Admission

P.O. Box 770

Georgetown, TX 78627

  • Fax Number

Materials sent through fax may be sent to the Office of Admission at (512)-863-9601.

  • Email

Materials may also be emailed to: .


Required Steps:

  • Application for Admission 

    Complete and submit all parts of the Application for Admission. Access your online application options here. NOTE: As Southwestern does not charge an application fee, students should not request fee waivers in submitting applications to Southwestern.

  • Application Essay 

    The written essay must be submitted with the Application for Admission.

  • Academic Recommendation

    Applicants must submit at least one recommendation with their application; this recommendation must be from either a student’s school counselor or a teacher in a core academic subject (English/language arts, math, science, social science, or language other than English). A Secondary School Report submitted by a school counselor is also acceptable. If not submitted electronically as a part of your application, you may utilize the Counselor Recommendation Form  or the Teacher Recommendation Form  ; complete the first section and give it to your recommender, who may submit it electronically, via fax, or via mail it to the Office of Admission.

  • Official High School Transcript

Applicants must arrange for the Office of Admission to receive an official high school transcript. This must be received directly from your school or counselor in order to be considered official. Transcripts may be submitted electronically, via fax, or via mail to the Office of Admission.

  • Standardized Test Scores & Test-Optional Philosophy

Southwestern has a test-optional admission policy for all first-year candidates. Standardized test scores are not required for admission, nor are they required to be considered for any merit-based scholarships. At the time of application, candidates must choose whether or not they wish SAT or ACT scores to be considered as a factor in their admission and merit scholarship review process. Students who choose not to submit test scores will be required to complete a special evaluative interview as part of their admission process. Southwestern’s full policies on the test-optional process can be found here .

Students who do choose to have their SAT or ACT scores considered may order reports on the College Board or ACT websites. Southwestern will also accept as official scores that appear on a student’s high school transcript. In addition, Southwestern will accept an unofficial student score report that an applicant has downloaded from the College Board or ACT website. College Board SAT Subject Tests are not required.

 Students who do not speak English as a first language and who have attended a school where the primary language of instruction is not English are highly encouraged take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Here are Southwestern’s institutional codes for the various standardized testing systems:

  • SAT Code: 6674
  • ACT Code: 4186
  • TOEFL Code: 6674
  • For International Students (Non-U.S. Citizens/Non-U.S. Permanent Residents) 

A completed Certification of Finances Form   and supporting bank statements will be required of non-US citizens/non-US permanent residents applying from outside the United States.


Recommended Steps:

  • Personal Interview & Campus Visit

    An official campus visit and/or interview are highly encouraged and may be considered as a factor in the overall evaluation process. An evaluative interview is required for test score-optional candidates and/or for consideration for the competitive Brown, Dixon and Garey Scholarship programs. Personal interviews for competitive scholarship consideration must be completed by February 1. In addition, some students may receive a special request for an interview after an initial review of their application has been completed. In these cases, the interview is required before a final decision will be made.

    Interviews may be conducted in person as part of a campus visit, in your local community (during our staff’s fall travel season), or through a virtual format. Click here to schedule your on-campus visit or interview . You can also call 1-800-252-3166 for information and availability.


Optional Steps:

  • Mid-Year Report

    Complete the first section of the Mid-Year Report Form and give it to your high school counselor. The Mid-Year Report must be submitted as soon as grades are available, but no later than March 1. Your counselor may submit the mid-year report and updated transcript electronically.

  • Additional Teacher Recommendations

    In addition to our required Academic Recommendation (school counselor or teacher), students may choose to submit additional recommendations from high school teachers. We recommend asking a teacher who has taught you in an academic subject within the past two years. Complete the first section of the Teacher Recommendation Form , and then have your recommender complete the form and return it to Southwestern’s Office of Admission. Your teacher may submit their recommendation electronically.

  • Parent/Guardian Recommendation

    Provide your parent(s) or guardian(s) with the Parent/Guardian Recommendation  form and ask them to return it to the Southwestern University Office of Admission upon completion.


Financial Aid Checklist:


The FAFSA is available on October 1 at The FAFSA must be submitted by December 1 for Early Decision applicants and by March 1 for Early Action and Regular Decision students applying for financial assistance based on need. Southwestern’s institutional code is: 003620.