Igor Perisic, a senior technology leader building AI models and Data Systems that achieve high availability and throughput with very low latencies. I am passionate about Data at scale; the distributed systems required to play with it; the AI methods, models and algorithms to uncover its patterns and the inferences and products one can draw from it. While I strive to be the best mentor I can, I am in awe of those that can truly teach and inspire.

As the Chief Data Officer and VP of Engineering at LinkedIn my role is to closely collaborate with our product, security, and legal teams to ensure that we are implementing the right technology, policies, and controls to rapidly (and safely) scale our portfolio of product to an ever-broadening audience of members and customers.  

Data has been and will continue to be the lifeblood of LinkedIn.  To continue to deliver on the promise of data science, a continuous investment for excellence in data infrastructure and relevance are absolutely necessary for us to deliver on our mission and vision.  Moreover, our “Members First” approach requires us to be ever vigilant with respect to data stewardship and protection. 

As an Engineer, my team builds and maintains our core data infrastructure, creates and deploys AI models to personalize our members’ experiences, provides analytics platforms/capabilities and analyses for our business and product portfolio. In addition, my engineering responsibilities include overseeing open source efforts and adoption at LinkedIn.

In summary, my work revolves around making sure that we are able to leverage our data in ways that are effective, safe and reflective of our company values.