Transfer Credit & AP/IB

The Office of the Registrar evaluates AP and IB test score reports and official college transcripts, and awards the appropriate Southwestern University academic credit.

Most courses used to obtain a degree from Southwestern University must be taken from Southwestern University, in accordance with the list of Graduation Requirements (listed in the Catalog). However, Southwestern does give credit for certain types of externally earned credit. Under certain constraints, Southwestern will award credit for transfer courses transcripted by another college or university, for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores, and certain subject exams.

One credit of Fitness and Recreational Activities (FRA) credit may be awarded to participants in SU’s intercollegiate athletic program and one credit of FRA may be awarded to military veterans. Southwestern does not offer academic credit for experiential learning or based on professional certificates.

Required Credentials

To receive credit for transfer work, official transcripts must be sent directly to Southwestern from the school which awarded the initial credit. For AP or IB courses, the scores must be received by SU directly from the testing agency.

Performance Standards

Transfer credit will only be awarded for letter grades A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C or C-.  All other grades will not be accepted. The minimum grades for SU credit from AP and IB (HL only) are 4 and 5, respectively.

Additional Transfer Credit Restrictions

It is a Graduation Requirement that students will take coursework in the final 32 credits at Southwestern University (or in an approved Study Abroad program). However, should circumstances arise that necessitate taking coursework elsewhere, approval from the Registrar’s Office is required. If approved, students may take a maximum of two courses. Courses in a student’s major or minor will not be approved without permission from the head of the department the course will be transferring into. Approval may be requested by completing the Permission to Add Transfer Courses form listed below.

Remember that dual credit can only be awarded if the college transcript has been received - SU cannot award credit from a high school transcript. Most dual credit equivalencies can be viewed in the pre-approved transfer credit list below.

Developmental Courses

Courses that are developmental, remedial, vocational, or technical in nature will not transfer to Southwestern University. Common examples include College Algebra, Trigonometry, and computer technology courses.

Distance Education

Courses offered via the Internet, television, distance learning, or any other non-classroom mode of delivery may not be accepted for non-elective credit unless the course is listed on the Texas Common Course preapproved list or prior approval is obtained from the appropriate department chair.

Upper-Level Credit

Courses transferred from community colleges do not count for upper-division credit at Southwestern University. In order to receive upper-division coursework via transfer, students must take an approved upper-division course from a four-year institution.

Students attending other colleges and planning to transfer to Southwestern University would be well advised to discuss course selection with the SU Admissions Office before selecting additional courses there. Contact Scott Sandoval (

Pre-Approved Tables of Credit

AP Credit Chart

IB Credit Chart

UT OnRamps 

Verto Study Abroad

The following link provides a list of courses transferable to SU from Texas community colleges. SU students do not require pre-approval to take these courses unless in the final 32 credits (see information below) of their degree requirements.

Pre-Approved Transfer Credit List  

Credit for Work Not on Pre-Approved Tables.

Other Transfer Courses. If a transfer course is not listed on the pre-approved list of courses in the above link, transfer course approval may be requested by completing the Permission to Add Transfer Courses worksheet located at the link below.

Transfer Credit (Pre-)Approval Form - U.S. only

Receiving Transfer Credit

If a course is pre-approved, credit will be awarded upon receipt of an official transcript from another accredited university or college.  In order to be considered official, a transcript must either be mailed directly to SU from the institution or be delivered to the Office of the Registrar in a signed and sealed envelope.  Unsealed and faxed transcripts are considered unofficial.  Official transcripts may be mailed to SU as the following address:

Southwestern University
P.O. Box 770
Georgetown, TX  78627-0770

Students planning to attend a Texas public college during the summer should be prepared to do the following:

  • submit a visiting or transient student application
  • request an official transcript be mailed from SU to the other institution
  • meet state THEA or TSI requirements

As an alternative to transfer coursework, current students are encouraged to enroll in the 5 week Summer I session offered at Southwestern University each summer.

AP/IB. Southwestern University applicants are encouraged to have all AP and IB test score requests sent to the address listed above (see Receiving College Credit. The SU school code used by the College Board is 6674). AP and IB credit equivalencies may be viewed at the links above.


Please refer all transfer, AP, IB, or dual credit questions to Nadia Mahannah, Associate Registrar, at .