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In support of the University’s mission, the Office of the Registrar provides administrative and logistical support for the University’s curriculum, reinforces academic policies, maintains the integrity of institutional and educational records, and facilitates a culture that preserves the values of Southwestern University and its community.



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Academic Success & Registrar

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  •  Spring 2020

    1. First day of term: Mon., January 13
    2. Last day to add online: Wed., Jan. 15
    3. Last day to drop online: Wed., Jan. 22
    4. Last day to add courses (via add card): Wed., Jan. 22 
    5. Last day to add an academic internship: Wed., Jan. 29
    6. Last day to drop courses without record OR change to/from P/D/F: Mon., Feb. 17
    7. Spring break: Mon., Mar. 16 - Tues., Mar. 20
    8. Last day to drop courses: Wed., Mar. 25
    9. Last day of classes: Wed., Apr. 29
    10. Final Exams:  Mon., May 4 - Fri., May 8

    Spring 2020 Mini-Mester Courses

    First Half - BIO50-232-F1, ESS46-292-F1, ESS46-322-F1

    1. First day of first half courses: Mon., Jan. 13
    2. Last day to add first half courses: Fri., Jan. 17
    3. Last day to drop first half courses without record: Thu., Jan. 30
    4. Last day to drop first half courses: Fri., Feb. 14
    5. Last day of first half courses: Mon., Mar. 2

    Second Half - BIO50-222-S1, BIO50-232-S1, ESS46-282-S1, ESS46-332-S1

    1. First day of second half courses: Tue., Mar. 3
    2. Last day to add second half courses: Mon., Mar. 9
    3. Last day to drop second half courses without record: Thu., Mar. 26
    4. Last day to drop second half courses: Mon., Apr. 13
    5. Last day of second half courses: Fri., Apr. 29
    • Academic Advising period begins: Mar. 23
    • Seniors (90+ EARNED* credits): Apr. 3 - Apr. 5
    • Junior Priority Registration: Apr. 6 - Apr. 7
    • Juniors (60+ EARNED* credits): Apr. 7 - Apr. 8
    • Sophomore Priority Registration: Apr. 13 - Apr. 14
    • Sophomores (30+ EARNED* credits): Apr. 14 - Apr. 15
    • First-Year Priority Registration: Apr. 15 - Apr. 16
    • First-years and students with fewer than 30 credits: Apr. 16 - Apr. 17
    • Open Add/Drops begin: Apr. 18

    *“EARNED” credits means completed credits already on your Southwestern record. EARNED credits do NOT include credits in the current semester.

     Note: in recognition of Passover, some minor changes were adopted for the registration schedule. Schedule edits completed 1/24/20.

    Academic Internship Registration Deadlines

    • Spring 2020: January 29, 2020
    • Summer 2020: June 18, 2020
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