The catalog is updated biannually to reflect changes in the course offerings, curriculum changes, and other requirements.

The Catalog is an important document as it specifies the academic regulations and requirements that apply to the student. Your academic career is governed by the catalog in effect when you first matriculate at Southwestern. Degree requirements may change in later catalogs. The specified set of requirements in a catalog expire four and one-half years from the date of the catalog.

The online versions of the Catalog referenced below are intended to be identical to the printed catalog. Should there be discrepancies, the printed version of the Catalog takes precedence.

If you are a student, former student, academic institution, or member of the general public seeking catalog information prior to 2007-2008, please email  with your specific request.  The Office of the Registrar maintains printed copies of the Southwestern University Catalog dating to 1899.

Current Course Catalog
Southwestern University Course Catalog 2021-23

Catalog Addendum, 2021-2023 - updated 1/18/2023

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