Language Arts

“Library Spot” * * * *
An online library and reference source for kids. Online links to encyclopedias, journals, and resources. Ideal for research projects.

“Vocabulary University” * * * * *
A collection of creative games and puzzles designed to boost student vocabulary. The site has games specific to SAT exam as well as interactive games categorized by grade level.

“Writing Lab” * * *
An online interactive resource and writing lab run my Purdue University.


“A+ Math” * * * *
This is an awesome site. Many activities to do if students do not have homework but need to work on math skills. All the skills represented are TAAS skills that need to be mastered. The site has flash cards, games, a homework helper, and worksheets to print out.

“Math Word Problems for Kids” * * *
Over 2000 math word problems to explore and solve. Designed to help kids with problem solving and reasoning skills.

“SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator” * * * * *
This site is formatted to create math worksheets. Covers skills from addition/subtraction, inequalities, multiplication/division, fractions, and rounding. All of these skills need to be mastered for success on the TAAS Test.

 Social Studies and History

“Flags and Maps of the World” * * *
Most countries represented. There is a flag representing each country. To retrieve the map of a country, click the flag. You can search alphabetically or by continent.

“The World of Benjamin Franklin” * * *
Glimpses of this famous inventor¹s life, contributions to science, and his many inventions.

“Education First: Black History & Exploring African American Issues on the Web” * * *
Good site for links. Links to Library of Congress, treasure hunt, and video conferencing.

“Hyper History Online” * * * * *
Hyper History Online presents 3,000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps. This is powered by the Discovery Channel and has many links to find just about anything.

“The New Millennium” * * * *
The site has a list of the top 100 stories of the 20th century.


“Science Safari” * * * *
7th grade +
Specific information about cells, fungus, plants, animals, and bacteria. There are “self-tests” about cells, vertebrate classification, and arthropods.

“Five a Day” * * * *
All ages An excellent nutrition site, with tons of information on fruits and vegetables

“The Explorer¹s Club” * * * *
All ages
The Environmental Protection Agency has created a website for students to learn and explore issues that concern the environment. It is very informative about all types of pollution, species protection, recycling, etc.

“Inner Learning Online” * * *
7th grade +
This site gives information on the mechanics and anatomy of both the human body and the automobile.

“Extreme Science” * * * *
7th grade +
Awesome web site! Tons of graphics make it eye catching to students who just want to play on the computer or for those who are researching something specific. Information on everything: time, space (NASA news), weather, Earth Science, reference, technology, etc.

“How Stuff Works” * * * *
7th grade +
Really cool site for exploration! The site shows how everything works: from communications, computers, machines, health & body, science, electricity, etc.

Misc. Learning sites

“Bonus” * * *
Offers hundreds of quality activities that invite kids to play, color, explore, learn, and imagine.

“Learning Group Personalized Learning Games” * * * *
This site allows you to create your own learning games and activities for the student¹s need or interest. A variety of specific and nonspecific subjects and topics to explore.

“Puzzlemaker” * * * *
A site that allows you to create puzzles and games for your newsletters, flyers, handouts, classroom projects, or just for fun.

“ABC Teach” * * * *
This site is created for parents, teachers, and students to interact through games and activities in a learning environment. There are flashcards, crosswords, maps, number puzzles, reading comprehension activities, sign language, word searches, etc. The site includes themes to explore such as dinosaurs, Canada, solar system, coral reefs, etc.

“Fun Brain” * * * * *
Tons of free games! “Math Basketball”, “Weather Dog”, “Plural Girls”, “MathCar Racing”, “Grammar Gorillas”, etc. The site also includes crosswords, word finds, and quizzes. Very interactive and inviting site.