Language Placement and Credit

Where To Take The French, German, & Spanish Placement Exams

The link to the exams for these three languages is at the bottom of this page. But  please read the preceding instructions before clicking on that link.

When you first use the Emmersion Webcape placement exam you will be prompted to create a user account and login credentials. In doing so, use your Southwestern email address. If there is student ID field leave it BLANK. 

When you finish the placement, you will be taken to a page with your exam results. There is no time limit on the exam, though students rarely take more than 25-30 minutes to finish.

The exam is only to be taken once. Although nothing will prevent you from retaking it, each set of results is time stamped, and the ip address of the computer from which you take the exam recorded. We will only accept the first score. Remember also that you are bound by the honor code while taking this test, and doing it once for practice under an assumed name is not permissible. If, however, something happens while you are taking the exam (your browser crashes, the power goes off, etc.) don’t hesitate to retake it.

No books or outside help of any kind are to be used in this exam.

Take the placement exam