Language Media Services

Welcome to Language Media Services. LMS serves students, faculty and staff’s with their digital language-learning needs at Southwestern. We design language-learning curriculum for the introductory language courses, including the streaming of foreign-language videos to language students Moodle accounts.  We also administer language placement and assessment exams.  Placement exams are used to determine where new language students should begin the language sequence or determine if they place out of this requirement with a demonstrated knowledge of another language.  Language assessment exams are required by some departments at the end of the language sequence, the minor and the major.   

Frequently Accessed Materials

Oral assessment tests in Spanish . The following link will take you to the Emmersion oral assessment or proficiency exam. This exam is required for Spanish students at the end of Spanish III and as a requirement for graduating Spanish and LABS (Latin American and Border Studies) majors and minors. You will be prompted to create a new account. Use your full Southwestern email address as your user name. If you previously took the language placement exam at Southwestern, also administered by Emmersion, you already have an account, and you should click “I already have an account” at the bottom of the page. Use the “Forgot Password?” link if you do not remember your login. Contact Ted Jobe ( if you have any problems.     

Technical requirements: You will need a computer with an internal or external mic for voice input.

The placement exam: As part of the general education language requirement, Southwestern requires all students to take a language placement exam to determine where they should begin the sequence or if they have already fulfilled the language requirement.  Follow the following links to the language-specific placement exams:  Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. You will be prompted to create a new account and log in credentials. Use your Southwestern email. Leave the student ID field BLANK. Note that using outside help of any kind is a violation of the honor code. Technical requirements: This exam is text only, multiple choice. Requires a computer and a web browser. No voice or video input.

The Latin placement exam is located here on Moodle.  You will need your SUeID to log in.   

If you have advanced knowledge of another language not taught at Southwestern you would like to use to fulfill your general education language requirement, contact Ted Jobe ( to arrange for testing.