To transform the teaching of science at Southwestern University to incorporate the process of discovery at all levels and to generate a creative, accomplished, and diverse pool of future scientists.

We intend to achieve our mission by incorporating an inquiry-based approach to teaching science and math at all curricular levels, significantly expanding undergraduate research opportunities for all science and math students, and creating an inclusive and diverse scientific community of students and faculty.

  • Transform all introductory science and math courses using inquiry-based learning.
  • Implement an inquiry-based laboratory format within Organic Chemistry to address student retention and success within one of the most important “gateway courses” in the sciences.
  • Develop and integrate inquiry-based components and more advanced project-based experiments into upper-level science and math courses.
  • Build a student-faculty collaborative research program, SCOPE, involving all NSD departments and programs.
  • Incorporate inquiry-based community outreach efforts across all NSD disciplines.
  • Create an inclusive and diverse science community through peer mentoring, active-learning strategies in the classroom and laboratory, and ongoing programming for students and faculty. 

Participating Departments:

Steering Committee Members: