First-Year Seminar

BC for Change

BC for Change is a group of first-year students studying philanthropy at Southwestern University and living in Brown-Cody Hall (BC). We are committed to the academic and emotional success of Georgetown youth. As the future of the community, their success and overall health is crucial to the wellbeing of the town as a whole.  Our aim is to support a local non-profit organization that provides an after-school program with a $3,500 grant (funded by generous donations from First Texas Bank and Atmos Energy Corporation).

Cullen Building

After-school programming was identified as one of the top ten critical needs addressed in the Georgetown Health Foundation’s Southeast Georgetown Needs Assessment from 2015. We recognize that both families and children alike would benefit from programs that provide children and/or youth with emotional and/or academic support in a supervised environment.

Eligible programs should serve Georgetown residents and emphasize inclusion with their community outreach. The recipients of the grant should demonstrate an understanding of the need for and benefits of accessible after-school programs and a desire to provide a lasting impact. We are particularly interested in organizations who well represent the diverse community they serve.

Request for Proposals

We invite applications for a one-time grant to be administered in November 2018 and used over a six-month period, ending no later than May 2019.

The application form is available here. We ask that all applications be submitted electronically to by 5 PM on Tuesday, 10/2.

We will conduct site visits of each finalist. As these visits cannot conflict with our academic schedules, some will need to take place outside weekday business hours. To be considered for the grant, applicants must therefore be willing to host a site visit on one of the following days: Tuesday, 10/16; Thursday, 10/18; Friday, 10/19; Saturday, 10/20; or Sunday 10/21.

The awardee will be recognized at a ceremony on the Southwestern University campus at 10:00 am on Thursday, 11/1.