Fellowships & Scholarships

A Southwestern education can prepare you to compete successfully for prestigious national fellowships and scholarships. The Paideia curriculum’s academic rigor, your Capstone project, and the Mosaic framework’s many high-impact experiences all contribute to your development.

Nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships are significant monetary awards and professionally developing experiences usually awarded on the basis of merit - a high record of achievement - rather than financial need. They support a range of purposeful domestic and international activities, including undergraduate research, language study/other study abroad, self-designed projects, teaching and service, graduate or professional study, or even internships and professional experience. Eligibility guidelines and qualifications for fellowships vary widely. 

As an “end goal,” highly prestigious scholarships and fellowships provide you substantial financial support, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and invaluable contact with significant professional networks.

But the very process of exploring and competing for these experiences is valuable in itself!

As you reflect on your strengths and interests and research fellowship opportunities, you gain valuable insight into your future goals, regardless of your eventual success in a particular fellowship or scholarship competition. As a serious fellowship candidate, you gain specific practice in crafting compelling narratives, presenting yourself to interview committees, and identifying your champions to serve as references. Whether you apply to other graduate/professional school or employment opportunities, you will have a strong start.

You can learn more about fellowship and scholarship opportunities through the links to the left and by contacting fellowships advisor Alexandra Anderson, Senior Associate Director of the Center for Career & Professional Development, at