Faculty Awards

Finch Award

The William Carrington Finch Award 

Previous Recipients


Dr. Scott McLean, Professor of Kinesiology; holder of the Garey Chair in Kinesiology


Dr. Catherine (Katy) Bourland Ross, Professor of Spanish; holder of the Wilhelmina Cullen Robertson Endowed Professorship
2018 Dr. Dirk Early, Professor of Economics; holder of the Hugh Roy and Lillie Cullen Chair in Economics
2016 Dr. Alison Kafer, Professor of Feminist Studies
2014 Dr. Erika Berroth, Associate Professor of German
2012 Dr. Jimmy Smith, Professor of Kinesiology
2010 Dr. Kenneth M. Sheppard, Professor of Music
2008 Dr. Laura Hobgood, Professor of Religion; holder of the Elizabeth Root Paden Chair; Chair of the Religion and Philosophy Department; Chair of the Environmental Studies Program
2006 Dr. Jesse Purdy, Professor of Psychology; holder of the John H. Duncan Chair; Chair of Animal Behavior
2004 Dr. Dan Hilliard, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology; Senior Faculty Representative of the Brown College of Arts and Sciences
2002 Professor Patrick Veerkamp, Professor of Art
2000 Dr. Vincente Villa, Professor of Biology holder of the University Brown Chair
1998 Dr. Edward L. Kain, Professor of Sociology holder of the Brown Distinguished Professorship
1996 Dr. William Douglas Hooker, Professor of Psychology
1994 Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology; holder of the Elizabeth Root Paden Chair in Sociology
1992 Dr. Robert L. Soulen, Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Chemistry; holder of the Lillian Nelson Pratt Chair in Science
1990 Dr. Jan C. Dawson, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of History
1988 Dr. Martha Mitten Allen, Professor of History
1984 Dr. F. Ellsworth Peterson, Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics and Business
1982 Dr. Weldon S. Crowley, Professor of History, holder of the Lucy King Brown Chair in History
1980 Dr. T. Walter Herbert, Jr., Professor of English, holder of the Herman Brown Chair in English