Funding - Internal

Faculty Development Spending & Reimbursements

You have authority signature on the award(s) assigned by the Awards Committee.  If there are multiple awardees for one project, one faculty member will been assigned signature authority to the account. The Competitive Faculty Development funds and the Faculty - Student Project funds are available immediately after commencement.

Faculty development spending must correspond to itemized budgets as approved by the Awards Committee.  Any differing from budgets must be approved in advance via e-mail by the Dean of the Faculty.  Expenditures not described must be approved in advance via e-mail by the Dean of the Faculty.  Expenditures not described in budgets or not approved in advance will not be reimbursed. 

Faculty development awards do not carry over to the following year.  The deadline to spend the funds has been set by the Business Office.  

Faculty development funds may not be used to pay for expenses incurred before the availability date of funds (as noted in the program guidelines), without prior approval via e-mail of “early” expenses (such as airfare) from the Dean of the Faculty.

Note that requests to purchase electronic equipment (computers, digital cameras, audio and visual equipment, software, etc.) with University funds must be submitted to the Dean of the Faculty and the expenditure approved prior to purchase.  Also, please keep in mind that items purchased with University funds are the property of Southwestern University.

All personal services (for indexing, translation, research assistance, lectures, performances, etc.) must be under contract and pre-approved by the Business Office.

Forms for reimbursement can be found visiting the Business Office website and clicking on Purchasing/Accounts Payable.  If you need assistance completing your reimbursement forms contact your building faculty administrative assistant or the Office of the Dean of the Faculty for assistance.