External Funding

  • Southwestern University has received $1,287,000 for “Deepening the Heart of Texas: Publicly-Engaged Humanities for Social Justice.” The project realizes that this is a seismic moment for private small liberal arts colleges—especially in the Humanities, in the pursuit of social justice, and in Texas. In the wake of unprecedented moves against Critical Race Studies, DEI initiatives, LGBTQ+ rights, and the value of so-called “soft skills” majors, we are facing a set of existential issues, locally and globally, centered around matters of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice, particularly as they pertain to race, ethnicity, and other intersecting modes of difference.

    The grant will bolster the great work already being done on our campus when it comes to teaching, research, and disseminating projects in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts and in looking beyond the confines of the University in all fields. With an eye towards the ideas, sources, and approaches traditionally used in the Humanities and humanities-related fields and to turning everything outwards, the grant will allow us to increase the number, type, and strength of community-engaged and course-based undergraduate research classes; grow the number, reach, and audience of summer undergraduate research opportunities; and create, define, and promote a set of research themes threaded throughout our efforts, on campus and off. The official Southwestern press release may be found here

    Current opportunities and programs include: