Southwestern University

University Leadership


Office of the President



Office of the President

Interim President Dale Knobel

Dale Knobel became interim president of Southwestern University in January 2020, following the departure of former President Edward Burger. Knobel is president emeritus and professor of history emeritus of Denison University, and previously served Southwestern as provost and dean of the faculty, and professor of history. 

Chief Administrative Officers

Also known as Senior Staff, Southwestern’s Chief Administrative Officers are comprised of the leadership of each administrative division (Student Life, University Relations, Enrollment Services, Information Services, Finance & Administration) as well as the Provost.

Board of Trustees

Southwestern University’s Board of Trustees has the responsibility for the system of governance, academic life, student life, and the fiscal affairs of the University. They act as the policy making body of the University and through its own actions regulate to make its policies effective. The President then acts to administer and implement the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees.