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SoundSustainability is a sustainability podcast created by SU students to educate the Southwestern community about sustainability issues on campus and beyond.  It was created by Sustainability Ambassador, Nafisa Nazeer ’23.  She was later joined by fellow ambassador co-hosts, Leah Horick ’21 and Ethan Shilgalis ’22.  You can listen below!

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About the Podcast

In the fall of 2019, SU first-year Nafisa Nazeer started SoundSustainability as a communication project for the Sustainability Ambassadors. After running the show solo for a semester, Nafisa invited fellow Ambassador Leah Horick ’21 to join the podcast, and together the co-hosts work to educate their community about sustainability issues on campus and beyond. Featuring interviews with students, faculty, staff, and community members; deep dives into the mainstream and esoteric sustainability debates; and the occasional plant pun; our show seeks to embody the complex and interconnected reality of sustainability issues and present sound solutions. No topic is off-limits when the fate of the planet is at stake!

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Profile photo: Stock image; “Green Headphones”

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