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Have a project idea to make Southwestern more sustainable? Apply for funding to bring your idea to life!

Green S.A.F.E. Fund

Beginning in the fall of 2015, all students will pay an annual $30 fee that will provide a fund to support campus projects that promote the environmental, social and financial sustainability of the Southwestern community. These projects can be proposed by students, faculty, and staff, with priority given to student proposals. Ideas range from renewable energy or water conservation programs to initiatives that support social justice, diversity and the health/well-being of the campus community.

The Sustainability Committee has issued general working guidelines for those interested in obtaining funding. Each request is considered on its own merits in a competitive process. There are no quotas, and there are currently no limits on the number of times you may submit funding requests.

Pre-Proposals are due by November 1st at noon.

King Creativity Fund

King Creativity Grants enable students to pursue projects that stretch disciplinary boundaries, envision bold new ideas, or combine traditional academic methods with new approaches.

McMichael Student Experience Enrichment Fund

McMichael Student Experience Enrichment Fund (MSEEF) supports SU students to participate in experiences that will encourage their development as bright, moral and courageous leaders concerned with the betterment of society.

Mosaic Mini-Grant

The Mosaic Mini-Grant supports learning wherever it takes place by providing funding to student projects, experiences, and events that promote self-exploration, experimentation, and meaning-making outside of the classroom.