Campus Stewardship


Pirate Bike program

Pirate Bike Program 

Southwestern is the first university in Texas to offer a free bicycle program. The Pirate Bike Program started in September 2005 with a fleet of 30 bikes, now there are 100 of them! These Atlas X Frame bikes are not gender-specific. Pirate Bikes provide a quick way for students, faculty, and staff to get from one place to another. Just grab a yellow bike outside a residence hall, library, or in the parking lot, pedal away, and then park it at your destination for the next person.

Campus Police routinely take bikes in to perform maintenance and repair. Bikes that are beyond repair are stripped of all reusable parts. Those parts are then used to refurbish other bikes in the inventory. Damaged frames are recycled.

EV Chargers

Southwestern has two EV charging stations located in the Admissions Lot. SU students, faculty, and staff can purchase a monthly access card through the Business Office. Campus visitors can check out a temporary access card at the Welcome Center.