Presidential Inauguration

Greetings from the Community

Credit: Carlos Barron

Joshua Schroeder

Mayor, City of Georgetown;
Board of Visitors

Thank you to everyone gathered here today for the installment of President Laura Skandera Trombley here at Southwestern University.

I’m Georgetown Mayor Josh Schroeder, and I’m charged with welcoming you from the entire Georgetown community. I’ll do my best in these two minutes. But from what I know about Georgetown: You’ve already been welcomed dozens of times over, with smiles, hugs, taco recommendations, and more.

That small town charm is one of the things that makes Georgetown great. Georgetown is home to a lot of wonderful things, including Southwestern University, ranked the top liberal arts university in Texas.

We’ve also got the most beautiful town square in Texas. You might have heard us mention it a time or two.

And we’re the red poppy capital of Texas, making for a most spectacular spring. Who else is looking forward to finally having our Red Poppy festival next April? President, I would love to see hundreds of Pirates down on our Square – let’s talk offline.

There are more than 67,000 of us now, and we’re growing every day. It’s an exciting, thrilling time to call Georgetown home. Because of what I mentioned and, truly, because of today.

Today is a historic event.

President, you are the first woman chosen to lead Texas’s first university. To me, that means Georgetown will continue to be shaped by visionary, pioneering women.

You join the likes of Jessie Daniel Ames, a Southwestern alumna, who helped win women the right to vote more than 100 years ago.

And Mary Smith Bailey, who founded the first pre-school for non-white Children in Georgetown.

There’s also Annie Lee Purl, who grew up right here, and went on to become a teacher and principal. She’s also the namesake of Purl Elementary School, just down Maple Street.

Georgetown has an established history of women in leadership, and we’re elated to now count you among them as well.

I’m honored to be one of many who welcome you to our community. I know you’re going to do incredible things here. Georgetown is behind you, and here to help however we can.

Congratulations. Welcome, from Georgetown. Go Pirates!