Credit: Carlos Barron

Ronald L. Swain

Director of Transformative Missions
First United Methodist Church, Georgetown

Loving God, we have experienced the presence of Your Holy Spirit in this place of Faith and Learning.

Laura, thank you for demonstrating vulnerability by sharing with us your personal story. Truly, “This inauguration is about identity and resiliency and continuing our mission and work to ensure that every voice will be heard, valued, and included. SU will always be a place of becoming and, as a place of education and inspiration, we celebrate the whole person, who they are and who they will become with acceptance and validation.”

Holy One, You have blessed our gathering to inaugurate Laura E. Skandera Trombley at the 16th President of Southwestern University.

Now we pray that You will bless our going into a world of chaos, confusion, and injustice – into a world of unknowns.

As we depart, we go with the assurance of your Divine presence with us.  As we go, help us to hold in the balance our faith and our learning.

So, my friends go now, and may the Holy One bless you and protect you; May the Holy One, show you God’s face and make it shine on you; May the Holy One be gracious to you.

May the Holy One show you God’s favor and give you Shalom! Amen.