Resources for Teaching the Paideia Seminar

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Please click the links below to access the various folders of the Paideia Seminar Repository. These numerous resources will help you design your seminar or redesign your course. This treasure trove of documents has been collected from colleagues who have recently co-taught the seminar. The Director of Paideia also created various professional development tools, including an Interdisciplinarity Module and templates to structure the course and foster student agency.


Francis Mathieu

Francis Mathieu

Professor & Director of Paideia


Olin 309
Francis Mathieu

Francis Mathieu

Professor & Director of Paideia

Paideia Seminar Course Development Tools

Paideia Seminar Syllabi Repository

Interdisciplinarity Module

Paideia Seminar Assignment Repository

Connections Activities Repository

Creative Assignments Repository

Student Co-Teaching Models

Pedagogical Repository

Information for Pre-Tenure Faculty