Paideia with Distinction

In addition to the integrated Paideia experiences, Southwestern encourages students to apply for a more intensive version of Paideia: Paideia with Distinction. Any student who is selected to participate will be recognized as having achieved Paideia with Distinction if they have successfully completed:

  1. a Paideia Minor or two High Impact Learning Experiences, and
  2. a Paideia Seminar, taken during the junior or senior year.

Applications for Paideia with Distinction are accepted on a rolling basis.

To apply for Paideia with Distinction, contact Director of Paideia Sergio Costola.

The Path to Paideia with Distinction:

A Paideia Minor

Design Thinking
Early Modern Studies
Environmental Studies
Feminist Studies
Latin American Border Studies
Race and Ethnicity Studies
Internation Studies
Animal Studies
Data Science
Health Studies


Two High-Impact
Learning Experiences

King Creativity Grant
Study Abroad
CEL Course
Student–Faculty Research
Academic Internship
Advancing Language Proficiency


Paideia Seminar

Taken during the Jr or Sr year