Paideia with Distinction

In addition to the integrated Paideia experiences, Southwestern encourages students to apply for a more intensive version of Paideia: Paideia with Distinction. Any student who is selected to participate will be recognized as having achieved Paideia with Distinction if they have successfully completed:

  1. a Paideia Minor or two High Impact Learning Experiences, and
  2. a Paideia Seminar, taken during the junior or senior year.

To apply for Paideia with Distinction, contact Director of Paideia Francis Mathieu.

The Path to Paideia with Distinction:

A Paideia Minor

Animal Studies
Data Analytics 
Design Thinking
Early Modern Studies
East Asian Studies
Environmental Studies
Feminist Studies
Health Studies
International Studies
Latin American Border Studies
Race and Ethnicity Studies


Two High-Impact
Learning Experiences

Academic Internship
Financial Analyst Program (FAP)
King Creativity Grant
Student–Faculty Research
Study Abroad
…and more

See the complete list

Path 3

Paideia Seminar

Taken during the Jr or Sr year


High Impact Learning Experiences that can be used for Paideia with Distinction
  • Academic Internship
  • Advancing Language Proficiency
  • Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) Course
  • Community-Engaged Learning Student Associate (CELSA)
  • Financial Analyst Program (FAP)
  • King Creativity Grant
  • Lab for Innovative Ventures and Entrepreneurship (LIVE)
  • St. David’s Hospital Shadowing Program
  • Student–Faculty Research
  • Study Abroad