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Paideia—Southwestern’s interdisciplinary approach to education—is designed to develop the intellectual practice of identifying connections between the fundamental questions and ideas that shape our world. 


Francis Mathieu

Francis Mathieu

Professor & Director of Paideia


Olin 309
Francis Mathieu

Francis Mathieu

Professor & Director of Paideia


Paideia is the perfect embodiment of the liberal arts, empowering students to think in broader, more collaborative, more original ways.

  • Paideia is about connections, bringing together multiple perspectives from different disciplines. Over time, it develops a student’s ability to think critically, to make connections across different ways of knowing, and to create innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Students engage in self-directed connections within all courses, across their major, between disciplines, and in relation to both in- and out-of-classroom experiences, such as community-engaged learning, intercultural learning, internships, student–faculty research, advanced language proficiency, and student-directed creative projects.
  • Students graduate with a cultivated curiosity and desire to learn, explore, and create change. These are the valuable, real-life skills that make SU graduates highly sought-after by recruiters, employers, and the nation’s top graduate programs.


Paideia in Action

  • Measuring the Light of the Universe

    Undergraduates engage in astrophysical research at Southwestern’s Fountainwood Observatory.

  • Full STEAM Ahead

    Paideia Scholar Lauren Muskara ’21 champions making connections between science, technology, and the fine arts.

  • Countering Terrorism through Research

    Meili Criezis ’17 publishes scholarship about extremist rhetoric, terrorist propaganda, and political violence.

  • The Wheel’s Still in Spin

    First-generation college student and English major Delilah Dylan Dominguez ’09 has three graduate degrees to her name and is now a practicing physician assistant.

  • A Close-Knit Community

    Faculty, staff, and STEM majors crocheted together virtually all year, culminating in an on-campus exhibit and a new student organization.

  • Computers and Creativity

    Anna Krolikowski ’20 sees creativity and story as the common denominators of her English and computer science majors.

  • A World Traveler

    Fulbright Scholar Brielle Read ’20 has been traveling the world and making a difference since the tender age of 14.

  • COVID Creativity and Communication

    Southwestern STEM students combine science, art, and community engagement in collaborative SciArt projects.

  • Chasing Curiosities

    For Zack Nesbit ’13, a life worth living means always learning and never compromising one’s passions.

  • Shakespeare across Time, Languages, and Disciplines

    Associate Professor of Theatre Sergio Costola and Associate Professor of English Michael Saenger coordinated a seminar on translating Shakespeare at an international conference in Rome.

  • Baroque Economic Beauty

    Southwestern undergraduates explore the beauty of global economics through artful data visualization.

  • The Science and Art of Salamanders

    Kira McEntire ’13 explores creative expression while teaching and researching wildlife biology.

  • Southwestern Alum and Math Faculty Win Prizes for Coauthored Paper

    Robert Lehr ’15 and Professor of Mathematics Fumiko Futamura receive the Carl B. Allendoerfer Award