The people who make CEOHP happen: Overview

A project like CEOHP cannot happen without the involvement of many dedicated volunteers. On these pages, we provide information about several categories of participants.

  • Brief biographies: A list of bios for all contributors, including a brief description of each individual's involvement in the Computing Educators Oral History Project.
  • CEOHP interviewers: The individuals responsible for arranging, conducting, and preparing for release the interviews in this collection.
  • CEOHP interviewees: All of the individuals whose completed interviews are part of the collection. Several of these individuals have filled other roles in the project as well.
  • Materials developers: The teachers who have contributed educational materials incorporating the CEOHP repository for use in pre-college and university settings.
  • ITiCSE 2005 Working Group: This Working Group developed the initial guidelines for the project during the ITiCSE 2005 conference in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • ITiCSE 2008 Working Group: A second Working Group met during the ITiCSE 2008 conference in Madrid, Spain to revisit and refine the project guidelines and to consider approaches to analyzing the interviews and discovering trends.