CEOHP notable quotes

Each phrase on this page is the title of a quote extracted from one of the interviews in the CEOHP collection. Click on a linked phrase to jump to the associated quote. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

Hal Abelson link to return back to top
  1. Things happen in life for pretty random reasons
  2. Teaching is also about the personal style you set
  3. Showing students what matters
  4. A random elevator ride starts a career
  5. Developing a teaching repertoire
  6. Critical to experience class as a student
  7. Wisdom and mentoring
  8. The obligation to preserve human values
  9. Shaping computing as a reflection of your own humanity

Winifred Asprey link to return back to top
  1. Grace Hopper arrives at Vassar
  2. Learning to teach from the master, Miss Wells
  3. Having dessert first and other pleasures of living with your brother
  4. NSF workshops and setting a foot in every state of the Union
  5. Convincing the Vassar faculty to get one of the first computers
  6. The impact of men at Vassar

Dick Austing link to return back to top
  1. Serendipity and openings at University of Maryland
  2. Curriculum development as a career theme
  3. Choice of research and promotion
  4. Develop a strong undergraduate program
  5. Comfortable with where I was and what I was doing
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of committees
  7. Broad base at the beginning

Moti Ben-Ari link to return back to top
  1. Mathematics is a good thing
  2. Bugs that could be caught during compilation
  3. Constructivism
  4. Interests beyond computing
  5. Getting the basis of computing
  6. Your verification or your life

Judith Bishop link to return back to top
  1. In love with the machine
  2. Bringing the Internet to South Africa
  3. Faint heart never won fair lady
  4. Early use of the term Software Engineering
  5. Long turn-around times
  6. The Quiet Life (pre-Internet)
  7. Courses come in different flavors
  8. Don't talk down to the students
  9. Keeping abreast of technology

Tracy Camp link to return back to top
  1. Unexpected value from studying abroad
  2. Systers and being part of a women-in-computing community
  3. Do good titles improve cite-ability?
  4. Gaining confidence, discovering passion, and success as a researcher
  5. My soul is a better fit with a small university
  6. Imposter Syndrome
  7. Teaching and the treasure of having an impact
  8. The challenge of multiple research communities
  9. A graceful "No" to professional requests
  10. Getting off the treadmill to enjoy the view
  11. I really love my job in academia

Boots Cassel link to return back to top
  1. Change to the computer science major
  2. In loco parentis
  3. Reading or working problems
  4. Not a stay-at-home mom
  5. Trivial in FORTRAN
  6. When papers WERE papers
  7. Accreditation -- It's a good thing
  8. Assuming students want to learn
  9. Dean's List and the wedding
  10. The best you can do

Michael Clancy link to return back to top
  1. Summer fun with mobs of kids
  2. Research collaboration enhances view of teaching
  3. Satisfaction with research successes
  4. Courses for teaching assistants
  5. Appreciation for faculty
  6. A lab-centric format
  7. Sometimes groups need group therapy

Alison (Young) Clear link to return back to top
  1. Early recognition of leadership ability
  2. Homework rather than dishes
  3. An aptitude test and shopping with Mother
  4. Binary and punch cards and plug panels
  5. Regaining belief in one's self
  6. Getting the whole country to do research
  7. "Getting started in research" workshops
  8. Your problem is you don't have a hobby
  9. Over the moon with student successes
  10. Education as an enormously satisfying career choice
  11. New Zealand at the bottom of the Pacific as good as anywhere in the world

Nell Dale link to return back to top
  1. Calling in sick
  2. Retraining women scientists and the need to talk
  3. An advantage of writing over teaching
  4. The human faces of people in computing
  5. What is the right setting?
  6. What is computer science education research?
  7. The flexibility of an academic career
  8. The energy to "have it all"
  9. Don't float

Mats Daniels link to return back to top
  1. A choice to keep more options open
  2. Programming language differences and paying attention
  3. Learning how to pass a math test
  4. Predictability vs. learning
  5. Talking about competencies
  6. Keep the eyes open
  7. Finding connections, reading more
  8. Putting technology in context

Gordon Davies link to return back to top
  1. Remembering the Deuce, an early computer
  2. Few textbooks, so ACM's early pubs important
  3. Don Knuth's Art of Computer Programming as manna from heaven
  4. England to USA: like going to another planet
  5. Increasing involvement in ACM, SIGCSE, ITiCSE
  6. How developing courses at an Open University is different
  7. Producing television-based courses
  8. First time requiring students to have a PC
  9. Rental PCs arriving via the post

Jenny Edwards link to return back to top
  1. A long line of scholars
  2. THIS is why I'm going to university!
  3. A significant piece of graffiti
  4. Tough time balancing teaching and research
  5. Without whom the research never would have been finished
  6. Female vs. male approach to promotion
  7. Combining an academic job and family
  8. Often the first female anything
  9. Have the courage of your convictions

Matthias Felleisen link to return back to top
  1. Teaching inspiration based on the null instantiation of for all
  2. In-class TA discussion channeled to book revision
  3. Hiring vs. working together with Ph.D. students
  4. If you can't fail, it ain't research
  5. It was a start-up time
  6. Tenure is syntax, the real work is semantics
  7. Girls prefer to follow rules, boys prefer Game Boy
  8. Get everybody to see the beauty of computing
  9. Community vs. research community service
  10. I'll teach until I can't anymore
  11. Computing for all high school students is my hope
  12. Computer science is not about mathematics only
  13. Tough love in teaching

Judith Gal-Ezer link to return back to top
  1. A love of learning from the beginning
  2. Why go to high school?
  3. Studies in mathematics and seismology, not computing
  4. Teaching the beauty of mathematics
  5. Rigor, details, and understanding
  6. Great work by the CSTA
  7. Convincing that CS is a science
  8. Advice on starting out in CS Education

Susan Gerhart link to return back to top
  1. Sputnik launches a career
  2. Summer jobs and a seminal paper
  3. The basis of a software engineering curriculum
  4. The importance of big enough projects
  5. Adjusting to vision loss with class, using technology
  6. Ending as a trouble-maker

Wendy Hall link to return back to top
  1. Medicine is not a career for women
  2. First example of why being a woman is different
  3. An early interest in how computers could be used in education
  4. More opportunities in computing than in the pure maths world
  5. Interactive video disk workshop as an inspiration
  6. The application (non-technical?) sides of computing
  7. Getting started in committees and what one gets out of it
  8. Exciting to be elected, rather than appointed
  9. Europe as a set of computing fiefdoms
  10. Computational thinking
  11. Mismatch between what we are teaching and what appeals to women
  12. Is computing done and dusted?
  13. "Pot's half full" type of person
  14. What is a career in computing REALLY about?
  15. Wanting to be remembered for accomplishments
  16. A new discipline: web science

John Impagliazzo link to return back to top
  1. The first stereo system?
  2. Early teaching experience giving music lessons
  3. Early on-line courses via TV
  4. Students need to become engaged
  5. Less "hit and miss" in the good old days
  6. Conference on perspectives of Soviet and Russian computing
  7. Music as a mental transport
  8. Be diverse in your thinking
  9. Learn as much as you can and put it in your pocket

Amardeep Kahlon link to return back to top
  1. Parents stressed education, not grades
  2. Better than telling the truth is truthful living
  3. If you are earning, nobody can abuse you
  4. A beloved teacher was Attila the Hun
  5. Unusual advice for a girl in India
  6. Always in the back of my head: Imposter Syndrome
  7. Continue in CS or move somewhere else?
  8. Differences between the Indian and American educational system at university
  9. Only 25% of you will be left
  10. Going from a low point in life to a Ph.D. program
  11. A convenient prompt for the GRE writing portion
  12. Slow start on doctoral studies evolving into full involvement
  13. Value of doctoral studies for me
  14. The most amazing mentor ever
  15. Centering in on a dissertation topic
  16. Blasphemous to do a qualitative study?
  17. A nurturing teaching philosophy and a realistic approach to deadlines
  18. A sense of community and "stupid" questions
  19. Involvement in outside organizations and increasing confidence
  20. Never give someone an opportunity to point a finger at you
  21. Keep your passion and explore
  22. Expect a gender bias

Maria Klawe link to return back to top
  1. Realizations out of childhood
  2. Parents' expectations during childhood
  3. Finding our way out of the childhood image
  4. Can you have more than one passion at a time?
  5. All the ideas in the first two weeks
  6. Unable to do mathematics after three major results
  7. Reverse psychology?
  8. Teaching compilers by learning as you go along
  9. Hard to manage? Start your own group!!
  10. Wearing shorts as a potentially damaging career move
  11. Inconsistencies in one's personal knowledge base
  12. Existence proof of having a child and returning to work
  13. Popping away from work to breastfeed
  14. Lack of sleep and wonderful things about having children
  15. A recurrent theme: Expectations vs. reality
  16. To make dramatic change, go to a place that's demoralized
  17. Lack of success in recruiting women
  18. The birth of the CRA committee on the status of women in computing
  19. How to leave a senior vice-president position
  20. The dean who paints in meetings

Michael Kölling link to return back to top
  1. Liter of Milk Leads to Love of Math
  2. The insight that the tutor learns as much as the kids
  3. Starting to program on a KIM
  4. A hunger for learning
  5. Painting or computer science?
  6. The best professors had a broader view of things
  7. OK, I'll make my own
  8. The joy that programming can bring
  9. Teaching needs lead to Ph.D. topic
  10. What do you consider a real user?
  11. Challenges: That's just normal
  12. Why create? There's an app for that
  13. Hard to experience the bug for programming
  14. The paradox: polished software discourages even trying
  15. You have to get yourself to do it once
  16. Future hope: To be a positive influence

Andrea Lawrence link to return back to top
  1. Knowing you're going to have a great career
  2. Grandmother's help in building an interest in math
  3. Nobody thinks you're odd at an all-girls school
  4. Choosing to do computer science
  5. The supposedly portable Osborne
  6. The Ph.D. as a driver's license
  7. Too old, wrong color, wrong age
  8. Showing whether animations work
  9. Being visible as proof you're working
  10. Helping students find out how to learn
  11. Renewal from involvement in professional organizations
  12. Ice sheets in Antarctica
  13. Reach out for support and get involved
  14. Consider possibilities, look around, pick something you like to do

Joyce Curry Little link to return back to top
  1. Hiring women to do the programming
  2. No credit -- you already know too much!!
  3. Roller skate transmittal for in-line real-time computing
  4. That's a skill, not a college subject
  5. Workforce trends and attracting minorities
  6. Collaborative mentoring
  7. Promoting breadth as a profession
  8. Extending training on-the-job to the classroom experience
  9. Software engineering course as a capstone
  10. Don't let people hold you back
  11. A blessing in retrospect

Dan McCracken link to return back to top
  1. That's good stuff, I want to do that
  2. Being asked to write a FORTRAN book
  3. FORTRAN book for only $2.95
  4. Secret book-writing project
  5. Life as a greedy algorithm with local optimization
  6. ACM's oldest member-since date?
  7. SIGCSE involvement as a major career factor
  8. Early concern about Universal Identifiers
  9. The value of interplay and communal learning with students
  10. The active-learning business as a core value
  11. A student's thank you thought

Graciela Perera link to return back to top
  1. "Latisma" and the role of a woman
  2. Sense of safety and its effect on science
  3. The value of MentorNet
  4. Getting started with independent research
  5. Asking for what you want during interviews
  6. Why teach?
  7. Using practical, familiar examples
  8. Running

Jane Prey link to return back to top
  1. Programming languages as just syntax once you understand computing
  2. Experience of computing courses in earlier days
  3. Clear thinker with a flow chart
  4. Opportunity to pick the times to teach
  5. Studies then and now
  6. Literacy as the road to getting credit
  7. Teaching as a partnership
  8. A failing of all teaching
  9. Introducing First Timers at SIGCSE
  10. SIGCSE community as a welcoming setting
  11. Learning to be effective in groups
  12. Being a lone wolf is never a successful strategy
  13. The tension of being an academic in industry
  14. Decide you love being a teacher

Eric Roberts link to return back to top
  1. Business data processing for the state of Nevada
  2. "Is this normal?"
  3. Advanced beginning calculus: Love it or not, mathematician or computer scientist
  4. Feminist influences
  5. Lessons from Father: The value of a broadly-based education
  6. A bigger passion for teaching than for research
  7. This year's Christmas letter ... not!
  8. Important for students to learn how to read
  9. Predicting the future: The Machine Stops in 1908
  10. The magic of computer science

Katie Siek link to return back to top
  1. Insights from a Project Adventure experiment
  2. Gold, jewelry, and microchips
  3. Advantages of a Liberal Arts background
  4. Understanding differences in the millennial generation
  5. Using interactivity in class
  6. Life balance and reflections

Beth Simon link to return back to top
  1. First computing course: Eventually you could win
  2. The know-it-all guy doesn't make it through
  3. An "honorary graduate student" with a CRA-W mentorship
  4. I just wanted to teach students computer science
  5. Continued interest in performance, but a change of contexts
  6. Less than desired impact in the small class
  7. Lecturer with Security of Employment
  8. With 150 students, somebody's going to be happy
  9. Embracing active learning full-on
  10. Better to see incorrect code in class
  11. Why aren't we all doing pair programming?
  12. The support of my professional community
  13. A conscious decision to be career focused
  14. Making change in our culture and our communities

Ellen Spertus link to return back to top
  1. Kids controlling grown-ups (and computers)
  2. Pretty / smart and male-female ratio
  3. Everyone's in the top half
  4. Just three months out of six years
  5. Enthusiasm in teaching
  6. Interdisciplinary programs and unique combinations
  7. Do dream jobs stay dream jobs?

Joy Teague link to return back to top
  1. Women home looking after their men
  2. Different promotion paths for men and women
  3. Pay scale differential
  4. The challenge of supervising essentially one's equals
  5. Learning curve for new Ph.D. as a supervisor
  6. People-to-People reunion as motivation to publish research
  7. Subtle discrimination?
  8. Differences in timing to promotion
  9. No information from the top echelons
  10. Dissertation comments: content vs appearance
  11. Teaching computing at home
  12. A very different kind of student
  13. Hindsight regarding for whom to vote

Henry Walker link to return back to top
  1. Classmate was daughter of textbook author
  2. As an introvert he uses role playing
  3. He was convinced he would flunk out
  4. A strategy to speak up in class more
  5. The test question was to give incorrect definitions
  6. Course had enrollment greater than course number
  7. Social Responsibility and SIGCSE
  8. Community and what one person can do
  9. Parent and partner
  10. Possible impact of teaching
  11. A certain amount of planning
  12. Third grade teacher says that better
  13. Destructive binary search

Mark Weiss link to return back to top
  1. Target the parents
  2. People who teach should be funny
  3. Thesis topic sort of random
  4. "Publish or perish" or write a book?
  5. Student comments as a source of joy
  6. Every student should learn something every class
  7. Video recording lectures ‒ a good thing or a bad thing?
  8. Teaching without notes
  9. Professor vs. Doctor
  10. Context of service courses provides insights

Frank Young link to return back to top
  1. Life involves extremely difficult choices
  2. In he bounces
  3. From impossible exam to sufficient coverage
  4. Teaching why the language operates the way it does
  5. Incorporating the wisdom of everyone in the department
  6. Lecture notes are obsolete after one semester
  7. Getting people working together
  8. Judge others by the quality of their work
  9. Sometimes stupidest, sometimes brightest
  10. Taking students to SIGCSE conference
  11. Pay the past by paying the future
  12. Education from 40 years ago to prep for 40 years from now