Teaching materials for CEOHOP

To make this collection of interviews come alive for students, CEOHP has worked with a variety of educators to develop ideas for classroom activities, homework, and exam problems based on the interview materials.

We welcome suggestions of additions, either to these materials or of new activities to add to the list. We are striving to add the materials to a computer science education repository to provide a broader basis for the use of these materials. We will post more about this as the plan develops.

NOTE: These materials are currently still under review! We encourage feedback to help improve them.

TitleLinks to materials
Essay questions
"Who Is" game with flash cards
  • Brief description: A scavenger hunt of sorts, based on a set of "cards" with clues that lead to one of the individuals highlighted on the CEOHP website. Includes suggested activities and instructions for adding new "cards".
  • "Who Is" game lesson plan: PDF | Word
    [version: 20110307B]
  • Formatted cards with bulleted clues: PDF | Word
    [version: F2b-20110527A]
  • Formatted cards with numbered clues: PDF | Word
    [version: F1n-20110527A]
  • Coming in the future: Description of how to generate different card formats using Excel, Word, and printmerge
Jigsaw activity (working in groups to become "experts")
  • Brief description: Students split into small groups (2-3 students per group) and each group becomes an expert on one of the Computing Educators on the CEOHP website.
  • Jigsaw activity lesson plan: PDF | Word
    [version: 20110302A]