Joyce Currie Little Interview: Overview

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Joyce Currie Little Joyce Currie Little is Professor, Computer and Information Sciences at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. She has had a varied career, including work as a Testing Engineer at Convair Aircraft (an experience that has been featured in a program on the History of Programming made by BBC television), Computer Center Director at Goucher College, founding Chairperson of Departments of Computer and Information Sciences at both the Community College of Baltimore County and Towson University. Her teaching within the field of Computer Science has ranged from the fundamentals of practical application to meta-analyis of the field itself.

Dr. Little was inducted as an ACM Fellow in 1994, with the citation "Her service to the broad computing community spans some twenty years and includes significant contributions to curriculum development, certification standards, vocational education professional ethics." She was the recipient of the 1997 ACM Distinguished Service Award and the 2006 SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service

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This webpage gives access to the audio and transcript of the interview with Joyce Currie Little, conducted on October 5, 2006 in San Diego, California USA by Barbara Boucher Owens. Below we list excerpts from the interview, which lead to the related audio snippets on a separate page.

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