CEOHP collection summaries: Mats Daniels

Mats Daniels

Location(s) where grew up: Mora, Sweden (in the Dalarna province)

Location(s) for post-secondary education: Exchange student at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio USA during Master's studies Master's, Licentiate, and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Uppsala University, Sweden

Location(s) where employed: Director of Undergraduate Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden

Career stage when interviewed: Mid-career with extensive teaching and research experience; had defended doctoral dissertation just two and a half months earlier

Areas of interest: Computer Science Education Research; International collaboration projects

Highlights: Project Leader for Runestone Project, a multi-university collaboration that provided data used to conduct the research that resulted in three Ph.D. dissertations; innovative use of international faculty as guest lecturers teaching computing courses at Uppsala

Interviewed June 29, 2011 by Barbara Boucher Owens