CEOHP Collection: Overview in pictures

CEOHP montage of photos Beth Simon Gordon Davies Fran Allen Dick Austing Wendy Hall Eric Roberts Judith Gal-Ezer Maria Klawe Dan McCracken Graciela Perera Andrea Lawrence Winifred (Tim) Asprey Judith Bishop Tracy Camp Moti Ben-Ari Susan Gerhart Mats Daniels Hal Abelson Michael Kölling Henry Walker Jenny Edwards John Impagliazzo Alison Young Jane Prey Joyce Currie Little Matthias Felleisen Joy Teague Ellen Spertus Nell Dale Lillian (Boots) Cassel

The cornerstone of the Computing Educators Oral History Project is the collection of interviews. The picture to the right provides access to the interview page for each individual included in the CEOHP collection.

  • Floating the cursor over a picture in the montage will allow you to see the interviewee's name.
  • Clicking on an interviewee's picture will take you to the overview page for that interview.