CEOHP collection summaries: Alison (Young) Clear

Alison (Young) Clear

Location(s) where grew up: New Zealand

Location(s) for post-secondary education: New Zealand

Location(s) where employed: Auckland Technical Institute (ATI), Auckland, New Zealand; Department of Information Systems and Computing, Faculty of Business, UNITEC Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand; Chair of School of Computing of Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Career stage when interviewed: Mid to late career; Head of School of Computing and Information Technology at Unitec New Zealand

Areas of interest: Women and computing; e-learning implementation; computing and information technology education; the Poverty Alleviation Project in Peru

Highlights: Chair of the National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications (for New Zealand) from 1988 until 1998; General Chair of the NACCQ Annual conference in 2006; Fellow of the New Zealand Computer Society (NZCS); member of the National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications (NACCQ)

Interviewed February 28, 2006 by Barbara Boucher Owens