Judith Bishop Interview: Overview

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Judith Bishop Judith Bishop has had a distinguished background in academia. She has published over 80 papers in areas ranging from programming languages to distributed and web-based systems. She authored one of the first Java programming texts, Java Gently, now in its third edition. She is a Founding Fellow of the South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists and in 2005 was recognized as Distinguished Woman Scientist of the Year in South Africa. She is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and of the Royal Society of South Africa.

At the time of this interview in 2006, Dr. Bishop was Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She is now Director of Computer Science in External Research at Microsoft Research, based in Redmond, USA.

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This webpage gives access to the audio and transcript of the interview with Judith Bishop, conducted on June 28, 2006 in Bologna, Italy by Barbara Boucher Owens. Below we list excerpts from the interview, which lead to the related audio snippets on a separate page.

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