Winifred Asprey Interview: Word Clouds


Word clouds produced by Wordle are visual representations. For individuals who use a screen reader such as JAWS (because they are blind or have low vision), the tag cloud representation for this interview provides an accessible alternative (which is also informative and useful for individuals who are able to view graphics).

See our discussion of clouds for more information!

Themed word cloud for Winifred Asprey interview

This themed word cloud highlights key concepts from the interview with Winifred "Tim" Asprey on March 23, 2007. The text that was submitted to the Wordle tool was first updated to force phrases such as "computer science" to stick together rather than appearing as individual words. We have also removed trivial words that represent habits of speech ("Well", "Yeah") or inconsequential verbs/adjectives/adverbs, rather than key concepts. The resulting word cloud can thus be said to represent the essence of the interview in some sense.

There is also a larger version of the word clouds.

themed word cloud of interview

Word cloud for full transcript from Winifred Asprey interview

This word cloud is based on the full content of the transcript, with no manipulation other than to have selected "remove common English words" in the settings of Wordle.

There is also a larger version of transcript word cloud.

word cloud of full Asprey transcript