In order for these bikes to remain available to you; proper care must be given to them, and the following guidelines must be followed.

  • Do not take/ride Pirate Bikes off campus…disciplinary action may be taken
  • Leave bikes in a bike rack or parked beside a tree when you are finished riding. Some of our community members and visitors are visually impaired, so keep sidewalks, etc. clear of bikes
  • Do not leave bikes in front of doorways, ramps to buildings, or in front of automatic door openers. If you see a bike blocking these areas, please move it to a safer place
  • Treat Pirate Bikes like they are your own. Do not jump curbs, throw them down, or ride them recklessly. It costs money to maintain this program…help us out
  • Always yield to those who are walking on sidewalks
  • Obey all traffic signs on campus streets (also, these are not dirt bikes: please do not treat them as such)
  • Ride alone on Pirate Bikes

Thanks for your cooperation in all the above,

Campus Police