IT’S PRIMARY SEASON Registration information for students planning to vote in the primaries:

Pending a federal court decision, the date for the Texas primary election is set for April 3. The primary is open to voters even if they are not registered members of the Republican Party.

However, students who plan on voting in the primary elections may need to make some preparations, even if they are already registered Texas voters. If registered to vote from their college address, students are ready and able to vote at a local voting station. If a student has listed their parents’ address as their permanent address, they will have to mail in their ballot. In order to vote via mail, students must fill out an application for an early voting ballot, which must be submitted seven to 60 days prior to the primary. For more information on how to submit an early ballot, visit

For students who are registered out of state, voting requirements, instructions, and primary dates are available on individual state’s electoral websites. To students who are not registered Texas voters but are Texas residents, the deadline to register in time to vote in the primary elections is March 5.