Athlete Spotlight: Staley Mullins

Staley Mullins attempts to shoot.  Courtesy of

Staley Mullins attempts to shoot. Courtesy of

Southwestern women’s basketball is making a stand this season with a 4-3 record in conference play. Two conference games were won this past weekend against Oglethorpe and Sewanee. The powerful duo of juniors Staley Mullins and Shae Seagraves posted 48 combined points against Oglethorpe on Friday evening. The Megaphone sits down with Staley Mullins, who offers insight into her passion for basketball and the dynamics of the Southwestern women’s basketball team.

L: What are the strong points and weak points of the team this year, and how have you seen it grow?

S: We have a very strong team this year, lots of returners. The few new players are also really strong with a lot of talent. The strength is in the overall talent, dedication and determination. We are a close group of girls, around each other 24/7, and we’ll give anything to win and play. Our weaknesses are finding our specific roles on the team by finding what each individual player does best and improving that and focusing. And as Coach has harped all season: communication; talking on the courts, passing and catching.

L:What’s your favorite part of practice and a game?

S: I love scrimmaging…5-on-5, full court. The rush of working with five individuals

Photo of Staley, Courtesy of Reese Cisneros

Photo of Staley, Courtesy of Reese Cisneros

to make one common goal happen and just really jelling together. Also just growing coming together as a team. And I’m not always looking at our record because it’s important to look to the next game to see how we can improve against the next team.

L: How was winter training back on campus over the break?

S: It was long. I don’t really like that. You have no games. It’s focusing on the team and the team goals. You get to come together and learn about each other. I like it because after coming back from summer with just pick-up games, being together as a team and being able to play full-on basketball is really exhilarating and fun. By the end of training you are ready to see what you can do against another team.

L: How long have you been playing and how did you first get involved in basketball?

S: I’ve been playing since eighth grade. When I moved from Montana to live with my Dad in Dallas, I played volleyball and basketball to meet friends. In eighth grade volleyball, I created the losing point for our team, and it was not a good experience. It was a bad experience, so I stuck with basketball.

L: What’s your major and what is your favorite thing about Southwestern?
S: My major is communications. I like the size of Southwestern and the community aspect that you can go anywhere on campus and know two to three people. I also like being able to talk to professors anywhere, like at the Cove and stuff.

L: What is your favorite food?
S: I love food and could not choose a favorite, but I love seafood. I could tell you my dislikes before my likes.

L: What do you want to be when you grow up?
S: I want to do public relations for nonprofit wildlife organizations and conservation camps. However, my focus now is on family, school and basketball. I am taking a Wildlife Conversation class, so hopefully I can get some connections. I’ve always really been interested in helping wildlife. I wanted to be a vet when I was younger of course; a biologist too, but my brain doesn’t function scientifically. I like to talk so why don’t I go into communications and talk about wildlife!

L: What are your hopes for the season?
S: My hope is to make it to the SCAC conference and be a contender as well. Basically just finish the season with no regrets, knowing that we did our best.

L: If you could say one thing to your team what would it be?
S: Never regret. Leave it all on the floor. Never regret your decisions that you have made and always give it 110 percent so that you won’t have an option to regret the past.
And as Michael Jordan once said, “Practice so hard that the games seem easy.”

Also, come out and see us play! There’s a lot of talent on this team and we’re going to have a great season.